Marmara University Centre for Environmental Studies was founded in 1987. Prof.Dr.Adnan Aydın was appointed as the director of this Unit. In this Unit characterization of industrial and domestic wastewater, purification process development, detection of those causing air pollution in many districts of Istanbul and industrial emission controls were conducted.

So that the Unit can be supported by other opportunities and  new staff Marmara University Centre for Environmental Studies was established, which has already been in other universities according to the decision made by  (dated July 19, 1990) the Council of Higher Education. Directive of the Center published in the Official Journal and entered into force on January 26, 1996 (Article no:20267). General Assembly held a meeting on  February 17, 1992 for the first time. At this meeting Director of the Centre, Board of Directors and also Chiefs of research department were settled.  At the Board meeting  conducted on December 6, 1993 abbreviated name of the ‘’Marmara University Centre for Environmental Studies’’was specified as MARÇEV.

In accordance with the protocol signed with the Istanbul governorate, air pollution of Istanbul in the winter period ’Sulphur Dioxide’ monitoring studies began in 1989 and  completed in 1994. The first ’’Environmental Impact Assasment’’ report, prepared in Turkey, was prepared by our Center in 1993.

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