Regulations of Marmara University Centre for Environmental Studies

Purposes and Scope

Title 1.) Marmara University Centre for Environmental Studies was founded under the rectorate of Marmara University.

Title 2.) Main purposes of the center are carrying out interdisciplinary, scientific and applied researches on environmental issues and their solutions , increasing public awareness about environmental problems and publicizing scientific findings and recommendations.

Title 3.) To be able to obtain these purposes in Title 2;

Marmara University Centre for Environmental Studies
Carries out scientific and applied researches about environmental issues and their solutions by the help of researchers and experts,

b.) Experts with other institutions and researhers from other centers to conduct researches, experimental investigations and survey researches to achieve scientific findings related to environmental issues,

c.) Supports experts on environmental issues from in and abroad about conducting seminars,

d.) Experts with  related institutions and centers in and abroad, to conduct researches,

e.) Provides educational and training opportunities for future scholars of environmental sciences, and make scientific contributions to post-graduate studies in this field,

f.) Publishes the objectives and duties of center,

g.) Announces scientific advises and demands so that legal and administrative measures can be taken by concerned ones.

Administration of the Center

Title 4: Administration of the Center is comprised of director, vice director(s), board of directors and advisory board, which is optinal.

Director of the Center

Title 5: Director is appointed by the rector among academic members of  Marmara University, whose profession is related to environmental issues, for 2 years and can be re-appointed.

If the Director cannot hold the chair for reasons, the Vice Director substitutes for the Director. If the period of substitution takes more than six months, a new director is appointed. If Director is unseated or re-sign before the term of office, a new director is appointed to complete the tenure of the first director.

Duties and authorities of Director

Title 6: Typical duties of the director include:

a.To represent the Center,

b.To organize short and long term objectives and policies of  the Center and plan about education, research and consultancy,

c.To preside board of directors and implement the decisions which are taken

d.To determine requirements for staff and performance budget and submit these to board of directors,

e.To organize Research and Project teams,

f. To arrange activities of units, under the Center, according to objectives of Center and conduct and check these actvities,

g. To prepare the annual report about studies of the Center and submit, working schedule for  the next year to board of directors at the end of each year,

h. To use the budget created by the decisions of  the board of management  with approval of rector  and offer of commission of research and application centres,

i.To submit official report of Board of Directors to Commission of Research and Application Center.

Vice Directors

Title 7: Vice directors are appointed by Rector on director’s request and have a 2 year tenure. Only two vice directors can be appointed. And they can be re-appointed. The vice director’s task ends when the director’s term of office ends.

Duties of Vice Directors

Title 8: Vice director has delegated authority to act on behalf of the Director in Director’s absence. Vice Director in operating the centre and perform other duties that are specified by the Director.Vice director represent the center when  the director is absent. 

Board of Directors

Title 9: Board of directors is comprised of Director and 6 academic members. These academic members are appointed by rector on Director’s request. They have a 2 year tenure and can be re-appointed. The assignment is done in the same way if there is any evacuation in the membership for any reason.

Duties and authorities of Board of Directors 

Title 10:Board of Directors shall meet at least quarterly by request of the Director. However, if there is a need to have extraordinary meetings, they meet. 

Duties of Board of Directors include;

a.) To make decisions about activities and administration of the Center,

b.) To evaulate annual report of the previous year and working schedule of the next year and submit these to Rectorate,

c.) To prepare the budget of center and submit it to Commission of Research and Application Center,

d.) To determine provisions of certificates which are given to attendants at the end of Training Programs and submit these to Commission of Research and Application Center.

Advisory Board  and its Duties

Title 11:  Advisory board is comprised of twelve members whose profession is related to environmental issues from Marmara University or other universities, or public and private institutions. These members should be proposed by Board of Directors and they should be approved by Commission of Research and Application Centers. Advisory Board at least meet only once a year, presents their opinions about studies of the Center and makes suggestions about new fields to Board of Directors. Advisory Board may meet extraordinarily on request of the director.

Personnel Recruitment

Title 12-: The need for academic, technical and  administrative staff is met with staff assigned by the Rector, contracted employees and other personnels appointed by Rector according to article 13 of Law No 2547.

Financial Provisions

Title 13:  Operations about income-in-kind and cash income & expense of the centre which are indicated in Title 14 and 15 are performed under legislations.


Title 14: Income of the Centre consist of;

a.) Incomes from training programs,

b.) Incomes from projects, reports and publications of Center,

c.) Fund which is allocated from budget of rectorship,

d.) Income achieved by practice and research projects carried out by Center,

e.) Income achieved by other studies and works under the revolving funds,

f.) Donations and other financial supports to the Center.


Title 15: Expenses of the Centre consist of;

a.)Expenditures which are made to form physical infrastructure of the Center (machinery, equipments, residential investments, repairs and maintenance, and so on.),

b.) Salaries to be paid for contracted employee,

c.) Salaries to be paid for instructors,

d.) Domestic and overseas travel expenditures of personel of  the Center,

e.) Membership fees for international organizations,

f.) Publication costs,

g.) Expenses like telephone, transport, stationary and so on,

h.) Expenses for scientific conferences, courses, seminars, business meetings,

i.) Awards which are given to those who conduct successfull studies,

k.) Consumables, rental expenses and service expenses,

l.) Other expenses done with the decision of the Board of Directors.


Title 16: Budget of the Center was settled by Board of Directors and after that  the budget is submitted to the Commission of Research and Application Centers. Commission analyze it and submit their opinions about the budget to approval of Rector. Budget is used as provided in legislation.

Repealed Regulations

Title 17: Regulations of Marmara University Centre for Environmental Studies, which was published in the Official Journal on 26 January,1991  (Article no: 20767), was repealed.


Title 18: This regulation shall enter into force on the date of publication and approval of Marmara University Senate. 


Title 19: The provisions of this regulation shall be enforced by the Rector of Marmara University.

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